Fast DC charging

Stekerr F60/90/120

Our interpretation of the new generation of fast DC chargers developed on an advanced, modular architecture.

DC charging

From 0 to 100 km range in 10 minutes of charging

Based on an advanced, modular architecture – this device provides its owners with exceptional reliability, a recognizable and protected design, quick upgrades, innovative technical and ergonomic solutions, compliance with all relevant standards for fast DC charging stations and simple service, and users with an autonomy of up to 100 kilometers for only ten minutes of charging

Such performance makes this device ideal for urban and interurban locations as well as for semi-public parking lots, especially parking lots of gas stations, supermarkets, fast food restaurants and shopping centers.

The Stekerr F series was designed and produced in Croatia from green energy.

With a resistant IP55 protection, the F series works in all weather conditions.

In addition to bad weather, your investment is also protected from vandalism.

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A new current in your business

Whether you want to put the electric vehicle charging service to the market or offer to your own organization and users, the F series represents a new stream in your income and values.


Up to 11x faster charging compared to the average public AC charging station

A range of 100 kilometers in just 10 minutes of charging

120 kW

Dynamic charging power management in the entire charging range

Charging power is available in the entire range up to 120 kW


Protection in all weather conditions

One of the few DC charger stations with IP55 degree of protectio


Compatible with all relevant charging standards

Supported vehicle charging standards: Type 2, CHAdeMO and CCS 2


The advantages of using a charging station from the Stekerr F series

Your device, your appearance

When we say that the F series goes to every parking lot, we really mean it. Thanks to the polygonal shape and large screen, we can bring the appearance of this station even closer to your visual identity and brand it with stickers, laser engraving of branding on individual parts of the device or with digital visuals.

Additional values with a 12'' screen

The clear 12-inch touchscreen is not only an advantage for users of the charging station, but also for device owners for whom it opens up a whole new source of income and the possibility of monetizing advertising space. Unlike many other devices on the market based on local USB transmission, you can place advertising content on this device – wirelessly.

Charging two cars simultaneously

Users of this charging station have 3 different ports available: Type 2, CHAdeMO and CCS 2, and it is possible to charge two cars at the same time

Dynamic load management

The F series comes with a built-in static charging power management system, and it is also possible to install an additional measuring device, which gives the charging station the ability to dynamically manage power in the consumer chain. Such an option neutralizes the danger of breaking through the limit of the engaged power of your connection.

No unauthorized use

The F series comes with a built-in RFID reader and implemented OCPP 1.6 communication protocol. Authorization of electric vehicle charging is possible in online and offline mode.

Supervision and management

You can manage charging parameters, authorization settings and charging charges through the OCPP 1.6 monitoring and management system. In the same way, you can monitor the charging in real time. The management and monitoring system offers concise statistics per vehicle and driver, and helps business users control costs.

Charge for individual charging

The F series comes with a built-in OCPP (Open Charge Point Protocol) communication system that allows the charging station to communicate with the control system, and you - the possibility to charge individual chargings. In addition, the option of a pre-installed MID certified electric meter is also available.

Solutions ready for payment

For business users who plan to use this charging station in B2C sales, we also offer a ready-made payment solution in the form of a certified POS terminal with ready fiscalization of transactions.

Modular architecture

The F series is designed as a modular charging station for electric vehicles. This allows the owner of the F series to easily and quickly increase the power as well as to quickly and easily service the charging station at any location.

Information in the palm of your hand

Charging is initiated with a minimum of interactions, and all information about the operation of the station and charging status is displayed via the 12-inch touch-sensitive screen, and the displayed information is visible even under intense sunlight

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LED indicator of free positions

The robust stainless steel case also incorporates LED lights with the function of indicating the current status of the device. Thus, even with a short glance from a long distance, it is possible to find out whether the device is free for use

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Easy maneuvering of cables

Thanks to the intelligent suspension system, the weight of the cable is almost completely taken over by the springs, which is why they can be used by disabled users. Flexible rotation of 360 degrees allows charging the vehicle even from the opposite side of the device

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Project support

Technical specification

We are aware of the challenges that users face in the planning and design phases, and our expert team will provide you with advice and detailed supporting documentation of the device.

F60 F90 F120
Maximum charging power 60 kW* 90 kW** 120 kW
Charging standards Type 2 and CCS2
CHAdeMO (option)
Type 2 and CCS2
CHAdeMO (option)
Type 2 and CCS2
CHAdeMO (option)
Parallel charging Yes (AC + DC) Yes (AC + DC) Yes (AC + DC)
Status indicator RGB LED RGB LED RGB LED
Screen 12'' color touch screen 12'' color touch screen 12'' color touch screen
Authorization RFID, Central Management System (OCPP) RFID, Central Management System (OCPP) RFID, Central Management System (OCPP)
Mechanical protection IP 55, IC 10 IP 55, IC 10 IP 55, IC 10
Static power management That*** That*** That***
Communication protocol OCPP 1.6 OCPP 1.6 OCPP 1.6
Billing system through OCPP
Central management system
RFID, mobile application, barcode RFID, mobile application, barcode RFID, mobile application, barcode
Payment system via POS terminal Option Option Option
The possibility of placing digital advertisements Yes (via screen) Yes (via screen) Yes (via screen)
Certificate ce_certifikat ce_certifikat ce_certifikat

*Built-in two rectifier modules. With the installation of additional modules, the power can be increased (F60 to F90).

**Built-in three rectifier modules. With the installation of additional modules, the power can be increased (F90 to F120).

***Possibility of power sharing between ports

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